This dating app is scamming the scammers with bots 🤖

This dating app is scamming the scammers with bots 🤖

The team at FilterOff, has adopted a brilliant approach to fight scammers on their platform.

Every detected scammer gets added to a side-pool of dating hopefuls that only contained chatbots posing as adorable singles, and other scammers.

The team used AI to create a number of chatbots, combined with a script that generates human-like faces, to create a number of fake profiles themselves.

The caveat: These profiles aren’t seen by “normal” users, only by people who the algorithm has determined are scammers.

They then put these scammers in a pool of thousands of bots that look and talk like real people.

The funny part is, two things happen. One, the scammers will run into other bots, but they’ll also run into other scammers, and they'll try to scam each other.

While the scammers are busy scamming each other, the real users can spend some quality time trying to find their perfect match.

AI is truly making the (dating) world a better place :-)

Source: TechCrunch