Artwork Personalization at Netflix

Artwork Personalization at Netflix

The main goal of the Netflix personalized recommendation system has been to get the right titles in front of each user at the right time. With a catalog spanning thousands of titles and a diverse member base spanning over 220 million accounts, recommending the titles that are just right for each member is crucial.

But the job of recommendation does not end there. Why should you care about any particular title that Netflix recommends? How do you decide if a particular movie or show is worth watching?

If the artwork representing a title captures something compelling to you, then it acts as a gateway into that title and gives you some visual “evidence” for why the title might be good for you.

Enter AI.

With the help of advanced machine learning algorithms, Netflix is able to analyze your viewing history, genre preference, country, city, language preference and generate title/artwork recommendations that will resonate with you.

The artwork may highlight an actor that you recognize, capture an exciting moment like a car chase, or contain a dramatic scene that conveys the essence of a movie or TV show.

If Netflix presents that perfect image on your homepage (and as they say: an image is worth a thousand words), then maybe, just maybe, you will give it a try. This is yet another way Netflix differs from traditional media offerings by generating personalized recommendations with personalized visuals.