About Arvind Maharajan

With over 12+ years of diverse experience across Energy, Education, Tech & Advertising, Arvind Maharajan is the founder of cimplify.ai - an AI services firm on a mission to democratize AI.
Arvind's key focus at cimplify.ai is to empower businesses with AI and drive revenue growth by implementing RoI-focused solutions for Sales, Marketing, and Support teams.

Before starting cimplify.ai, Arvind was the founder and managing partner of 42andmore - a digital advertising agency with 75+ clients across India & Middle-east.

Before 42andmore, Arvind was an integral part of multiple startups across Gurgaon, Bombay, and Chennai.

He was a founding member of Great Learning, India’s leading EdTech company, where he spearheaded the Marketing and Digital Transformation efforts across India.

He was also closely associated with a Finance Education company in Bombay where he handled the content, video, and social media team.

Before taking a deep dive into the tech space, Arvind was an avid clean tech enthusiast and worked on developing sustainable energy solutions for remote villages in Central & North-East India.

Arvind's expertise has always been in devising digital transformation solutions that help brands and businesses accelerate their growth.